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Redhill Local Radio [S.U.S.Y.]
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Welcome to Mouselike!
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Example services
Recently Mouselike has been creating bespoke online software, including storefronts and custom designed interactive components for websites. Below is a summary of what we provide on this website.

HTTP IRC Service
  Due to many reasons, including firewalls, lack of software and other factors, some people may need to connect to irc without downloading any client or using any software. HTTP IRC allows connection to any irc network using only your web browser such as Internet Explorer or Opera!
We run a free server for public use; however, because its popularity means it is often blocked from some networks for over-use, we offer visitors the chance to sign up to our more stable and managed service for a reasonable price.
Email services
  Any member of the internet is welcome to sign up to our email forwarding service. With email forwarding you can have an address @mouselike.org and any messages to the address will be sent direct to your current in-box. Whats more, with a Mouselike email address you have automatic spam filtering.
Corporate users or custom services can be arranged if you get in touch, services such as IMAP, POP3 or even a managed and installed server in your own offices.
  Using our vast servers we are able to provide extremely reliable and customised hosting. ASP to PHP, SSL to unlimited bandwidth. All you have to do is get in touch and let us know your needs.
Along with our experience with website hosting we are also able to provide advice and services for streaming your radio station on the internet. Tools we have developed for the sole purpose of keeping your stream online can be provided and installed by us.
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